A cabin for contactless sunscreen application
We protect your guests from sunburns,
and let them enjoy your services with no limits.
Sunomat provides your guests with gentle sunscreen spray covering from a brand they trust
just in seconds!
Stylish light exterior
Sunomat has an appealing and light design.
The design is a perfect fit for beach areas allowing fresh air inside the spraying space while providing a sense of protection and privacy.
Easy to use
All you need is to choose your SPF factor, choose whether you need to cover your face or not, and get covered with sunscreen instantly.
Inside the cabin, the customer finds himself in a closed, private zone for sunscreen application.

The problem with protecting your guests
from harmful UV rays is solved
For generations, we have applied sunscreens with our hands, but now it's time for a change!
Just where you need it
No more searching for groceries or pharmacies to buy sunscreen. No more carrying it with you every time you go sunbathing
Complete protection
No need for external help to cover all the hard-to-reach spots
Using rechargeable pods to reduce plastic pollution
Top features of our product
«Only body»
Optional smart «Only body» cover mode
to avoid face covering if needed
Unique shape
Helps you be fully covered
in discrete space
3 options in SPF
The ability to choose
the appropriate protection factor
Give them what they need most.
А pleasant stay in the sun.
Sunomat is the way you will skyrocket loyalty of your guests!
Become an early-adopter of future ubiquitous service in hospitality market.
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Feel free to send us an application for further information and details!
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